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Feathers appear when Angels are near!

Facilitated by Brenda Baer

Come join us on a feather creation journey. Let your angels join you in creating a Smudge feather on June 5th and a Canvas of feathers on June 12th.  Feathers symbolize the ability to transcend and move beyond your mental barriers and limitations, see the larger picture and understand what really matters. Have fun and connect with your angels as you make these feather creations.

 June 5

You will create your Smudge feather and at the end of the class we will do some smudging/cleansing.  All feathers, leather pieces, beads, charms, wire, etc., will be supplied for the class.

June 12

 You will create a Canvas of Feathers using real feathers and paint.  Your canvas of feathers can be hung in your home to symbolize the freedom, transcendence and communication with the spiritual realms.  Canvas, feathers, paint will be supplied for the class.

 Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 6

$40 per class or $75 for both classes (Supplies are included)

Since we are a small center and many of our workshops require a minimum number of participants in order to run, we encourage early preregistration to ensure that the workshops will be taking place.