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Whole Pantry: Shifting to Whole Foods Workshop

Real food for real people! Start shifting towards more whole foods and away from processed foods. Reduce food-related inflammation, bloating, headaches, fatigue, after-lunch slump, and indigestion. Feel more energized, nourished, and healthy!

This is not a complicated, restrictive, hard-to-follow diet and does not eliminate entire food groups. This is a do-able strategy for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle!

In this workshop you’ll learn:

Digestive health 101
How to give your pantry a makeover with the Traffic Light System
How to really read a food label: what to look for, what to avoid
Pantry must-haves and simple swaps
10 ways sneak in extra veggies...even for picky eaters!
Quick meal-prep and menu-planning strategies
How to easily prepare whole foods, starter recipes included

Email me with any questions!

This event is cancelled-it will be rescheduled when more people can attend!