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Soul Connections: Exploring Our Relationships Between Soul Contracts and Past Lives

"Has someone ever crossed your path that you felt an instant connection with, as though you felt you knew them before - even though you've never met? Or maybe, you have an inexplicable deep connection with a family member or friend where you just KNOW what they are thinking and feeling even if you haven't talked or seen them in days?  

There are explanations for these phenomenoms. One that dates back to our past life (yes it's a thing), and one within the space between lifetimes where "contracts" with other souls are made. These past lives and contracts hold the key to our growth and healing - and ultimately our contentment and inner joy.  

In this workshop, we will explore soul contracts and past lives - how they are impacting our personal lives and why. You will also be led on a special journey to realize your very own soul contracts with another, that will leave you with great insight and healing. You will transformed in ways you never imagined possible.”