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10 day Whole Food Cleanse Information Session

Sue is offering a 10 day whole foods cleanse starting Monday, November 6th, through Wednesday November 14th. 
In this 10 day elimination cleanse participants eliminate processed foods, and are encouraged to give up caffeine, you are supported throughout the 10 day period through a private Facebook group. Discover how it feels to eat 100% whole foods for 10 days.  Sugar and added sugars are eliminated, except when eaten as fruit and complex carbohydrates.
You have the option of purchasing products that include shakes and fruit and vegetable capsules designed to keep your blood sugar stable and decrease cravings. Sue will provide details on participation and a short seminar on the benefits of whole food eating. Feel how good your body feels when you nourish it with whole foods, just in time to go into the holiday season feeling renewed and energized. Pre-registration for talk encouraged, $10.00 pre-registration or $15.00 at the door.

 Message Sue on her Facebook Page with questions.