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The Way of the Wise Woman~ Level 1

The Way of the Wise Woman - Level I

The Art of Sacred Ritual & Feminine Magic

Facilitated by Diana Harris

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

6pm – 8:15pm

Tuition $45

When sacred ritual is absent in our lives, we fall out of alignment with Mother Earth and Life. We feel out of balance, lost, unable to manifest, and disconnected from our Feminine Wisdom. Rituals root us to Mother Earth and our sacred knowing. ~ Diana

Once upon a time, women were considered the sacred vessels of Mother Earth’s Wisdom. We were the record keepers. Great Mother taught us the power of cycles. Women created ceremonies for the community to celebrate Nature’s sacred turnings; rituals to support healing and growth; and to commemorate rites of passage. In today’s society, it seems that our Feminine Magic has gotten lost in the noise. Join us and awaken, nourish, and restore your Feminine Wisdom and Magic! In Level I, we will learn simple everyday practices to bring us into Balance; learn how to align our energy with our intentions for prayer/ritual; set sacred space; work with the natural cycles; and learn how to use candles and other tools to support our daily life and intentions. Rituals that support healing, rites of passage, sending Light to others, creation and more will be covered. The purpose of this course is to rekindle your passion, empower you, inspire you and facilitate your self-realization. Every participant will receive a beautiful candle ritual starter kit and guidance for creating or expanding their sacred practice. Class is appropriate for all levels. We will close in ceremony to honor our inner Wise Woman. Please register by Sun Oct 21st. Diana is traveling to visit our center. Contact: (978) 487-7181.

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