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Shamanic Drum Journeying 101

Led by Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive Counselor, Pamela Dussault Runtagh of Passage to Inner Joy!

Shamanic ritual drumming has been used since the Paleolithic era. The ritual has been passed on through the ages as a proven tool enabling access to deeper consciousness, profound spirituality and even energy healing via the journey into non-ordinary reality (otherwise known as the Spirit World). In simpler terms, shamanic drum journeying is a far deeper form of divination to access the answers to our deeply held questions and thus, gain clarity, guidance, healing and more.

Shamanic Drum Journeying 101 is a monthly class held for the purpose of exploring, experiencing and eventually mastering the journeywork that promotes a deeper understanding of self and others, fosters authentic connections and relationships with Spirit, and results in healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. This class is a safe space for those who wish to share their journey experiences and thus should be respected as such.

Shamanic Drum Journeying 101 is a supportive community for anyone interested in self-empowerment and who wish to take an active role in their growth and healing. No prior experience or instrument is necessary to join, however if you have a drum or rattle you are encouraged to bring it.

Fee is $35 to attend (plus $1.49 Eventbrite fee). Advanced registration is required.

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