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Drum Circle for the Soul

Shamanic ritual drumming has been used since the Paleolithic era. The ritual has been passed on through the ages as a proven tool enabling access to deeper consciousness and profound spirituality. Traditionally, drum circles are held to share an intention for the greater good while the sound is meant to raise the energy to support that intention.

Drum Circle for the Soul is a monthly event held for the purpose of building a community through rhythm, as well as promoting a deeper understanding of self and others, fostering authentic connections and relationships with Spirit, and exploring and/or deepening their knowledge of shamanic practice. Drum Circle for the Soul will incorporate shamanic journeying, group healing requests (drum therapy), and a safe space to share. The request of the group as a whole will dictate each event’s intention.

Drum Circle for the Soul is a supportive community for anyone interested in self-empowerment and who wish to take an active role in their growth and healing or wish to support others in that endeavor. No prior experience or instrument is necessary to join - just an open mind and respect for the circle.

Fee is $35 to attend (plus $1.49 Eventbrite fee). Advanced registration is required.