Rev. Donna Thompson

Donna has worked in administrative positions, management and in conventional medicine before changing direction in 1993 to become a licensed massage therapist.

From there she studies energy healing and has been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 1995 and works with other subtle energies as well.

She is certified in homeopathy and is a Bach Flower therapist.

Other studies include: safe touch, crainosacral therapy, chakra reading, psychic training, mediumship, receiving messages from higher realms, photography and art. Donna was also initiated into Kriya Yoga in 1996.

In 2009 she became a Certified Spiritual Counselor and Minister.

Donna has connected with Spirit and has been interested in helping others with their healing since she was a child.

Finding Joy sessions

Each session is geared toward helping you release the obstacles which keep you from experiencing sacred joy in your life. 

The sessions are interactive, beginning with a talk and/or questions that you may have about any area of your life or just chatting about what’s on your mind.  Following this, the session moves onto any one or more of the many modalities Donna has been trained in, as guided by Spirit.

There may be energy clearing and shifting, messages and/or guidance from the higher realms or messages from loved ones who have passed. There may be body work, art, journaling, working with cards or connecting with angels. 

Come in for one session or come in for several to work through one specific issue or several issues. Come in if you need an energy lift or a little support. 

Contact Donna by email at Please put ‘dragonfly’ in the subject line. 


Thank you Donna for a wonderful session. You are so very gifted. Thank you for staying true to your work. It has helped me in so many ways to stay true to mine.

Donna was so warm and easy to talk to. Once she opened for the session to begin I easily went to a deep place of connection and it really was like she was providing a voice to my own inner voice. What a wonderful gift. Thank you!

I approach life in a new way, filled with inner peace. Thanks to Donna, I feel wonderful. People at work have noticed such a change in my attitude, that I have been asked if I’m on anti-depressants. I say yes but it isn’t a drug, it’s Donna

Donna has opened a world to me, she has opened my heart. I am forever grateful and choose to continue my work with her, to explore, to learn, to grow and to find support for being a beacon of light in world. Thank you Donna. I am so grateful for all the time we share.

I trust Donna with my inner most true thoughts and feelings. She listens without judgement, and helps me to take responsibility for my own happiness. I am forever grateful to Donna for following her path and being there to help me follow mine. I will always to be interested in anything Donna Thompson is teaching or offering. She is a true blessing to my life and to this Earth.