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Medicine Wheel Level 1 Apprenticeship


The Universe is filled with allies to help us along our path. Indigenous cultures relied on their Shaman to assist them in restoring balance to themselves, the land, hunting grounds, the community, and the Earth by calling in the assistance of these allies and by knowing how to walk in balance with the energy that is alive and flows through all things. In this apprenticeship you will learn the ways of the shamanic healer, build your mesa (healers toolkit), work with the medicine wheel, learn energy healing techniques. We will create a sacred healing spaces, journey together, and heal the wounded healer together.

This Shamanic intensive apprenticeship will take place over 4 weekends this year from 10:30 am - 4:30 pm both Saturday and Sunday. Participants are expected to attend all weekends.


There will also be supporting classes offered throughout the year.

Please bring 3 crystals (required for the South), drum & rattle are optional

Cost: $250/weekend

*painting by Lynn Berryhill. Image from

Since we are a small center and many of our workshops require a minimum number of participants in order to run, we encourage early preregistration to ensure that the workshops will be taking place.