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Sacred Feathers: Spirit Messengers of the Angelic Realm with Diana Harris

Join us and connect to the powerful energies of the Bird Kingdom. Throughout earth history, birds have been thought to be Divine Messengers. Many spiritual systems believe they are emissaries of the Angelic Realm and Heaven. In this workshop, we will explore the spiritual attributes of various species of birds and learn to work with their wisdom for our personal evolution and healing. Birds are at home in the realm of Heaven and of Earth. Our beautiful feathered emissaries are sacred teachers. They awaken our consciousness and remind us that we are spirit having a physical experience on earth. We are not separate from the Divine.

This will be an experiential workshop where we explore the gifts of feathers and the bird kingdom. They will be our guides to connect with the Angelic realm. We will journey to meet our Feather Totem/Spirit Messenger and Angel Guide. The journey work will open a pathway for us to cultivate a deeper relationship with our Angelic team. We will also explore practices that help us to receive and discern the messages that our Angels send to us. We are so looking forward to sharing the sacred wisdom and magic of the bird and Angelic realms!

Please dress comfortably and bring a blanket for our journey work.

Pre-registration required. Registration closes Thursday, November 21st.

As always, please pre-register to ensure that the events that you want to attend are held.

Cost: $85.00

Since we are a small center and many of our workshops require a minimum number of participants in order to run, we encourage early preregistration to ensure that the workshops will be taking place.

Earlier Event: November 17
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