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Oracle Art for Healing and Guidance

Reconnect to your own deepest knowing and guidance through simple, joyful art-making. Dive deeper than your limiting beliefs about your artistic abilities. Explore what is possible when you open to the creative spirit that longs to express through you. EVERYONE is a creator, an artist, a maker of wonder and beauty when we open our hearts to our deepest authenticity.  

Guided by Artist and Yogi Linda Malcomb, we will use guided relaxation and visualization to establish curiosity, willingness to explore, and a state of innocence and wonder.

From there, we will frame a question, intention, or inquiry, and intuitively play with shapes, colors, and expressive marks to allow our intuitive body to respond to our query.

We find out through these experiments, that something wants to emerge and be explored. Something wants to take shape and color and communicate with us from a deep mystery.

Surprising interactions and insights can provide guidance, answer questions, and connect us to our own deepest knowing when we ask the mind to get quiet and allow art as oracle to emerge on the page!

When our subconscious feels us listening with compassion and curiosity, It opens a portal to our deepest Being. We integrate a powerful healing connection to our most authentic desires and needs, and we find healing on a soul-level. 

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Bring your curiosity, vulnerability, and open heart.

Cost: TBD