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Advanced Animal Speake ~ Level II

Diana returns to Dragonfly Wellness to take our understanding of our relationship with our Animal Allies and Mother Earth to the next level! In this installment we will: delve further into the various totem types and learn how they influence and seek to guide us; learn how to work with their strengths and challenges to enhance your personal growth; learn how to identify our animal totem (s) and establish relationship with them; travel the Medicine Wheel and learn how to work with it as a guide for self-awareness and living; and finally journey to meet one of our animal guides. Discovering and reconnecting to our "animal medicine" provides us a window into our Soul's potential. Within the medicine is a gift - tools to master our challenges and fully actualize our talents. There are many wise and generous furry, winged, finned, scaled, or otherwise helpers that support our Journey. In this event: we will connect with many of our animal brothers & sisters as they share their gifts with us, and learn to trust and flex our own intuitive muscles. Our Animal brothers and sisters desire to support us so that we live in greater Harmony. Diana will also connect to some of your animal guides during the gathering as well. Join us and share in the wisdom of our animal brothers & sisters. This advanced class is also open to new attendees. Pre-requisite: Some knowledge of power animals/totems, earth based spirituality, or animal communication as a foundation. Ages 15+ are welcome. Pre-registration required as Diana is traveling to visit our center. Contact: (978) 487-7181 with any questions.

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