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Universal Laws Discussion Circle

We’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction!. But did you know that it’s only one of the many Universal Laws?

It’d be great to have a road map to help us navigate the rules or laws of life!  We go through our day, doing the best we can, making things happen; but what if we had a little more information about how the Universe works and how we can work with its laws to fully take responsibility for and create the lives we want to live?  What miracles would we create for ourselves and others?  Join me in this monthly Discussion Circle as we explore one of the Universal Laws through discussion, meditations, and energy work with each other.  As each law is independent from the other feel free to join in as you are guided.

2018 Dates

  • May 21: Law of Cause and Effect

  • June 25: Law of Compensation

  • July 23: Law of Attraction

  • August 27: Law of Perpetual of Transmutation of Energy

  • September 24: Law of Relativity

  • October 22: Law of Polarity

  • November 19: Law of Rhythm

  • December 17: Law of Gender

Bring:   An awareness of the Law being discussed and openess for revelations to unfold in your life

Cost:      $15 per class