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Invite Archangels into your Life!

Archangels are very real, powerful beings that can protect and guide as we meet challenges in our daily lives. This workshop is designed to assist participants to create more positive experiences in their lives by learning about, understanding and connecting with archangels. We will be discussing seven archangels and what we know of the specific purposes each was created for. Simple ways to ask for archangel assistance as well as making connection through guided meditation and visualization will be some of the methods we will be using to create or enhance relationships with archangels. Archangels are here to help any and all of us!

Cost: $25

Instructor, Jack Whelan, is a registered nurse and complementary therapy enthusiast. He learned about angels as a child. Later, as a hospice nurse, he began to work with archangels in personal and profound ways. He is also a certified angel card reader.