Peace Meditation is a group meditation aimed at peace for yourself and for the world as meditation promotes peace. It is a time spent resting the mind from chaos and concerns.  Give yourself an hour of peace and then share it with the world.  Meditators may sit on a provided chair or pillow. You are encouraged to bring a blanket and comfortable socks or slippers.

Hatha Yoga with Extended Meditation is a group Hatha yoga class which involves poses and breathwork. It is gentle enough for a beginner, yet challenging enough for the advanced practitioner. Themed to help you set goals, find your balance, and take action. Individual attention and modifications are given throughout.

Stretch/Body Awareness Class is for everyone, especially those who are returning to movement classes or have injuries. Using stretch and movement techniques and melding them with energy medicine principles and exercises, this class helps students become profoundly aware of their bodies. By focusing deeply on individual muscles and joints and their relationships, students gain an understanding that will improve posture, increase flexibility, and create well-being. 

Pilates and Yoga Fusion focuses on movement that brings awareness to the body and strengthens core muscles by integrating Stott Pilates exercises with floor barre and yoga asanas to improve posture, mobility, balance  flow and alignment.  The combination of Pilates and yoga provides a highly effective program to enhance overall body health and wellness. Props are used to adapt and to add challenge.

Tai Chi is a martial art that has evolved into a meditative flow of focused movements and breathwork that aid in stress reduction and promote other health benefits such as circulation, balance and restoration of energy as well.

Jazz Dance Class is lots of fun set to funky music! It is for those who love the art of dance and want to practice their technique, increase their dance vocabulary, and become proficient at intricate movement combinations. Each exercise is designed to strengthen and stretch the body while encouraging students to express their joy of dance! For active movers.

BeSoul Dance Fitness In this uplifting class we will use movement, music, mindfulness and guided imagery to cultivate elevated emotions such as joy, peace, compassion, confidence, etc.. so that we can sense it in our bodies and bring it more deeply into our lives , We will begin this class with a short sitting meditation to set the tone. Then we will use guided movement to music while holding focus. At the end we will have a final sitting meditation and time to journal about our experience.  Recommended: Water Bottle, a Journal & Comfortable Movement Clothing

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that balances the life energy force ("qi or chi") and brings mental clarity through inner and outer movements.

EveryBody Yoga is exactly what it says…a Yoga class for people with every ability and body type. Breathwork and movement will flow together harmoniously and the class is appropriate for beginners as well as people who have experience with Yoga. It is a safe space for everyone.

Gentle Movement  integrates elements of many different movement forms including traditional and expressive Dance, Pilates, yoga, martial arts and somatics to create total body workout that gently challenges mobility, flexibility, agility, balance and strength in a fun, engaging and spirited way.  Exercises are conducted both seated and standing, and adaptations are made for mobility limitations.  Students of all ages and abilities welcome. Currently on hold