Karen Campbell, MS, RMT, SC-C is a grief counselor, spiritual counselor, Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and REAP practitioner. She brings her experience and education to her clients as they experience their grief and healing journey. With experience as a spiritual care and bereavement counselor with hospice, Karen has worked with many patients and families experiencing changes, transitions, death and grief. As a support group leader in community settings, she has worked with many bereaved individuals experiencing various losses. She considers it a privilege to be present to the dying and bereaved as their share their journey.

Grief & Healing Connections provides support for all types of loss. Losses include deaths, loss of relationships, changes, transitions, unrealized hopes, disenfranchisement, regrets, and unresolved issues. Too often, many feel isolated in their grief when they cannot share their story, when their loss is not recognized or supported by others. Grief & Healing Connections offers counseling, Reiki, REAP and combinations of these modalities to encourage healing. Counseling allows individuals to share their story, share their thoughts and receive guidance as they journey towards healing. Reiki and REAP promote healing by utilizing energy healing to remove blocks, bring balance to one’s whole being, and promote harmony in mind, body, and spirit. Karen works with her clients to assist them in connecting to their healing.

Having experienced many deaths, losses and much grief in her own life, Karen knows the need for and value of grief support. Prior to her work in hospice, Karen obtained her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. She holds certificates in thanatology, spiritual counseling, Reiki, and REAP.

Karen has been involved in animal rescue for more than 20 years, as a foster mom to rescued dogs and cats. She and her family share their lives with many beloved pets of their own. She believes very strongly that those grieving the loss of their pet need to be supported in their grief. Pet loss support is available at Grief & Healing Connections.

Grief & Healing Connections promotes the balance of the mind, body & spirit.

One hour sessions are available for $75

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90-minute sessions are available for $100

  • Grief Counseling & Reiki

One hour REAP sessions are available for $75-150

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