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Lynn Crowley is a Child Development/Behavior and Family Specialist that holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Communication Disorders, a Masters degree in Regular Education, Special Education and Speech, Language & Hearing Disorders and a Doctoral concentration of Philosophy and Theology. Lynn recently spoke at MIT about Neuroscience: Learning and Development as well as Omega Mindfulness & Education Conference. Lynn is a intricate part of the Child Development Community and referred to by many as the child whisperer.

Lynn is a gifted energy worker and highly revered by Shamans and Every Healers for her unique ability to transcribe and transfer information that surfaces during EASTERN readings into step-by-step WESTERN action plans.

Lynn is one of the kindest and most resilient woman you will ever meet. If you’re ever down and out then call her because she will pick you up, dust you off and gift you with information that will change your life.