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Please pre-register for all workshops as there is a minimum number of participants required to run most workshops

** Free ** 8 week session “Karma class” Hatha Yoga with Rebecca Phillips

Thursdays, March 30-May 18, 6:30-7:45 pm


New offering at Dragonfly. Karma class, an 8 week session of Hatha yoga practice offered for free.  This class is a beginning Hatha yoga practice that will strive to bring harmony and balance of body, mind and spirit by means of poses, breath awareness and mindfulness. All levels of experience are welcome. Classes will be guided by Rebecca Phillips who is currently working toward her 200 hour teacher training certificate at Frog Pond Yoga Center in Princeton, Mass.

Pre-Registration for the 8 week session is strongly encouraged as space is limited although drop ins are welcome too!

To register, please call 978-487-7181 and leave your name and contact information.

Spirituality and Aging with Anne Marie Rowse- A free workshop!

Wednesday, April 19, 3:30-5:00 pm


This will be an interesting and informative session on Spirituality & Aging. There will be an interactive talk on spirituality and how we can learn from one another as we face the challenges of aging. Anne Marie has worked in health care for the past 30 years as a certified care manager and she is a current chaplain. She is the principal of Senior Care Advisors, LLC. This program is FREE and light refreshments will be served.

Read more about Anne Marie Rowse HERE  

Please call Dragonfly Wellness Center @ 978-487-7181 to register.

Reiki Share for Practitioners: every other Friday

Next one: Friday, April 21, 10 am – 12 pm


Please join us every other Friday morning for a Reiki Share. The morning will begin with a meditation time and then a topic for group discussion and reiki sharing. We are looking forward to meeting new friends of like minds to share all forms of the Tsui Reiki lineage. All levels of Reiki Healing are welcome; 1, 2 and 3. All Karuna and Holy Fire healers are also welcome.

Please bring a table if you can!

Cost: $10


Monthly Spiritual Development Circle with Pamela Dussault

4th Saturday of each month

Saturday, April 22, 1:00-3:00 pm

Class three: Meet Your Guides

Meet and connect with your spirit teachers, animal allies, ancestors and loved ones on the other side to aid you in your ongoing spiritual practice. You will learn how to do this on your own as well as being taken on a transformative and insightful drum journey. Note: Since this class also falls on earth day, please feel free to bring something special that you are willing to give to the earth. I will be creating a “despacho” for Pachamama in which this item can be included as part of our circle. (A despacho is composed of items called recados, that are infused with prayers, then ceremonially arranged in a beautiful pattern on a large piece of paper.)

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Explore and enhance your personal spiritual practice to heal yourself and help heal the world – one step at a time
  • Build solid foundations for your practice by way of creating and empowering your sacred space
  • Work with your angels, spirit guides and helpers, allies, ancestors and other benevolent helping spirits
  • Set proper energetic boundaries and practice energy “etiquette”
  • Develop and strengthen your psychic gifts
  • Communicate with spirit
  • Lovingly assist earthbound spirits to cross…… and more!

Tune in more powerfully to your body, your sixth sense, your energy and energy centers and to Spirit. A transmission of energy to more fully open your psychic senses will be offered to those who wish to receive.

You’ll receive energetic support as we move along into each area of exploration.  We will practice on each other in each new lesson to gain experiential wisdom and understanding.

This is considered a beginner-intermediate level of exploration.

You may drop in to any class at anytime and are not required to attend all of them from the start!

ALL ARE WELCOME!  No prior experience necessary.

Cost: $35



Stay Balanced in Turbulent Times: An Energy Body Tune Up with Sheila Peters

Sunday, April 23, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

World in hands

We are living through very turbulent times. We are barraged with information – constant breaking news, untruths, commentary, and comedic takes on what has just happened. It’s hard to stay balanced and centered when you are in the middle of this storm. It’s easy to become reactive and ungrounded. How can we regain balance in such emotional upheaval?

Come learn some simple but effective energy medicine exercises and body stretches to boost your ability to remain strong, calm, centered, and effective in the face of turbulence. This workshop will provide easily acquired skills to counteract the daily barrage. By staying grounded ourselves, we can help those around us to maintain perspective as well.

Cost: $30




Yoga Nidra with Eileen 

Sunday, April 23, 6:00-7:00 pm

Image result for restful sleep moon

Join Eileen for a deeply profound experience of physical, mental and emotional relaxation. 

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that guides and relaxes you at every level of being, including your physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers. Eileen will guide you through the use of breath awareness, body scanning, and nature imagery. This contemporary practice is based on ancient yogic wisdom and meditation to make a powerful tool for modern day life. Yoga Nidra brings awareness to every part of your being, giving you deep restoration to your body and mind. Yoga Nidra is perfect for all ages, all levels. Traditionally done while lying down but may be done sitting in a chair.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra:

  • Improves the quality & amount of sleep
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Soothes nervous system
  • Enhances your mental focus & attention span
  • Eases your stress level, giving you greater ease & peace of mind
  • Eases depression, anxiety, PTSD

Cost: $15




New Moon Soul Journey Sound Bath with Bindy

Wednesday, April 26,  6:30 – 8:00 pm

Through the beautiful sounds of 25 alchemy crystal singing bowls each infused with a mineral, metal or gemstone, old and antique Tibetan & Indian bowls; some dating as far back as 160 years, gongs and other harmonious percussion instruments, Bindy leads you on a soul journey to other worlds and deep spiritual levels with the tones that will connect you to your chakras, your guides and to the Divine.  Join in with these ancient vibrations, open your hearts and expand. The gifts are as endless and abundant as we desire them to be.

Please bring All the supplies you need: Yoga Mat or blanket to lay upon, pillow for under head and knees, blanket for cover and water.

No fragrance (scented creams, strong laundry detergent scent lingering on clothes), light essential oils are okay.

A sold out class means 35 spots have been filled, so when arriving please keep mats close to fit all the beating hearts joining in as One.

Doors open at 6:00 pm

Cost: $25

If class is not sold out, walk ins accepted, $30 per person, cash or check only.

Lighten the Load: Leveraging Energy and Mindfulness to Avoid Burnout
with Chris Vasiliadis

Saturday, April 29, 1:00-3:00 pm


Today’s world is hyper-busy, with many of us possessing multiple “hats”/roles in our lives. Maintaining focus and concentration is challenging due to feeling overwhelmed and scattered. Miscommunication abounds.  The lines between work and life are often blurred. While you can try to compartmentalize, if you’re dragging in one area, it will ultimately pull you down elsewhere.

 What if you could be functioning more effectively? How would you like to be energized more often than exhausted?

You can turn your situation around! In this program, begin to take a stand for the level of well-being you want. Through interactive discussion and activities, you will experiment with energy management and mindfulness. Recognizing the benefits of applying these concepts in your life in and out of work, you will come away with breakthrough insights and practical actions you can take immediately to start energizing your health.


As a participant in this 2 hour program, you will:

  • Identify the signs of burnout
  • Gain awareness of energy infusers to embrace (and energy drains to let go of)
  • Discover ways to use mindfulness toward improving attention to your work and non-work life
  • Create an energizing action plan that enables your optimal well-being

Pre-registration is required.

Cost: $35



Soul Ascension Meditations with David Young!

Saturday, April 29, 7:00 pm


Join the twice Grammy Nominated Musician for 2 soul lifting, truly amazing musical meditations followed by group sharing and discussion.

Become one of the thousands of people who have experienced high vibrational spiritual travel or an out of body experience in the inner light while listening to the healing energy of David playing 2 Renaissance flutes in harmony.

Truly experience a portal between Heaven and Earth!

Please bring a mat, blanket and pillow and whatever else you need to be comfortable and experience the joyful vibrations!

Read more about David young HERE

Pre-registration is highly recommended for this previously sold out event

Cost: $30 in advance   If space is open, $35 at the door




Connecting with Crystals with Jack Whelan

Sunday, May 7, 1:00-4:00 pm



Crystals have been used by people to enhance health and well-being throughout history. Please join us for this crystal healing workshop where you will be taught to make connections with your crystals in various ways. 10 crystals will be provided and you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. Beginners, and those who are experienced in working with crystals, are all welcome! 


Information discussed in this workshop includes:

  • General information about each of the 10 crystals
  • How to clear, cleanse, and program your crystals
  • Crystals as symbols
  • Connecting with crystals on a physical, energetic and spiritual level
  • Meditating with crystals
  • Using crystals for chakra balancing
  • Applying crystals to enhance energetic flow
  • Using crystals for protection
  • Using crystals for grounding

Cost: $65 (includes 10 crystals, certificate of completion and all handouts)




Lunch and Learn: What is a Health Coach? by Kim Manning

Wednesday, May 10, 12 noon- 1:00 pm

Get on the road to your best self! Learn how health coaching can help!

health coaching


Come enjoy a healthy lunch and learn about Health and Wellness Coaching. Coach Kim will describe how coaching works and why it is so successful in helping people make positive health behavior changes. She will also clear up some common misconceptions about coaching and answer all your questions.

Please register by Saturday, May 6th


Cost: $10 (includes lunch from The Natural Cafe!)



Medicine wheel: A Shamanic Journey through the Directions

with Amy Wilkins and Bonnie Petrovich

Friday, May 12, 7-9:30 pm


Cost: $50 (special pricing: attend 4 classes and get the 5th one free)


Intentional Creativity Intuitive Painting Workshop with Donna Fluhr

“Lady of Compassion”

Saturday, May 13, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Do you dream of learning to paint, but don’t know where to begin?

Are you ready to have more compassion for yourself and others?  Are you ready to take better care of yourself so you are available for others needs?

Are you ready to change your body and mind, and share your story?

 You are invited:

To explore your creativity and discover what recharges your body, mind, and spirit.   Are you a Healer or Caretaker and find your self exhausted or “burned-out”? Spend the day in a small group in a supportive environment.  This workshop offers a step-by-step guided painting experience which is designed for all experience levels.  We start the workshop with a conversation and Visionary Journey, where you find your Guide, Personal Symbols, and Action Steps to nurture yourself so you can care for others…

Bring a personal journal, apron or smock and don’t forget to bring your imagination! Also bring a bag lunch or get some delicious food from the Natural Cafe located within the Dragonfly Wellness Center!

Cafe opened until 8:00 pm if you want dinner…

Tea, water, and snacks will be provided at workshop

No previous painting experience necessary!

Cost: $99 includes canvas and all painting materials





Siddha Healing with Seth Monk!!

Wednesday, May 17, 7-9 pm


Siddha Kundalini Healings are a non-contact form of energy channeling which taps into the ancient Indian Siddha tradition of healers and spiritualists. Using alchemical preparations, a crystal mandala, sacred geometrical layouts and various psychic constructs, a Siddha Kundalini Healing shifts the clients energetic constitution to remove blockages, open channels, and relieve the being from physical, mental, and emotional duress.
The treatment affects the individual on a deep energetic level, bringing with it a sense of profound peace, wellness, and is often accompanied by transformative realizations into the nature of an individuals suffering.
Bring warm clothing, blanket and pillow to lie upon during the healing session
Pre-registration recommended
Cost: $25

Spring Into Summer Cleanse with Wellness Cooking Instructor Elizabeth LeBlanc

Saturday, May 20, 11:00-12:30 pm


Our environment, the foods we eat, and the stress in our lives all play a role in building up free radicals and acidity in our bodies. This imbalance creates inflammation which contributes to:


The smoothies, salad and soups in this cleanse are comprised of potent, easily digestible, alkaline minerals that will help cleanse your digestive tract as well as your blood allowing your body to stave off chronic conditions going forward.

During this 1 1/2 hour workshop each participant will:

  • receive day by day instructions for a 3 DAY, all natural, vegetable based cleanse including recipes and a grocery list for preparation
  • see cooking demonstrations and sample the foods you will make for your cleanse
  • discuss what to expect during your cleanse and mindfulness techniques going forward after your cleanse for a lean and clean summer of eating

PLUS each participant will receive a mini spa giveaway to easily jump start your 3 day cleanse

Pre-registration required

Cost: $35





SAVE THE DATE~Shake Your Soul: The Yoga of Dance

Wednesday, May 24th, 7 pm