Private Practices

Susan Ginouves

Susan is a Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, a Certified Angel Card Reader, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner and a Seven Healing Rays

of Light Healer. She is also affiliated with the Reiki Membership Association through the International Center For Reiki Training.  

Susan brings the intensive energy of Fire Reiki healing to treat her clients.  She started and helped run ‘Reiki On The Common’, a Reiki Meet-up Group in the town of Harvard, MA. She was a volunteer at Parmenter VNA & Hospice for 4 years, giving Reiki treatments to patients, honored to be working with people at the end of their lives.

Susan has been a life long watercolor artist, selling her work in local shops, galleries, juried art shows and has custom orders for her mandala artwork. She teaches Mandala Workshops where she guides her students in making a personal mandala, using their ideas and visions to create mandalas from their heart and soul.

Susan enjoys integrating the energies of Holy Fire Reiki and her artwork, and sharing the Love and Light with her clients and students.

To schedule an appointment or to inquire about a custom Mandala, Contact: 978-729-6080



Tracy Arnold is an Intuitive Life Coach, Intuitive Empath, Psychic Medium Channeler, Oracle Card Reader, Soul Messenger & Coach, Reiki Master & Teacher.

To learn more about Tracy, please visit:
To set an appointment for a reading or coaching session:
Call: 603-320-1661



Bindy Johbindy1nson, Shamanic Energy and Sound Healing, Founder of Illuminations of Gaia. Reiki Master and teacher, Public and private sound baths, private appointments.  Contact: (508) 517-2291





Eileen Maloney, Founder of Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, Stress and Pain Management, Myofascial Release therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation. Group and private appointments.  Contact: (978) 602-3680



Kim Manning

Kim is a health and wellness coach who works with teens and adults, ages 15-35, who want to gain confidence, feel successful, and have more energy.

Kim is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Certified Health Education Specialist with a Masters in Health Studies and a Massachusetts Teaching License in Biology and Health.  She combines her education with her experience in yoga, mindfulness, and alternative healing practices to help others feel supported as they make changes in their lives.

On a personal note, Kim is a wife, a mother to two teenagers, and a lover of nature and animals and has the pets to prove it. She loves photography, yoga, cooking, reading, traveling, watching ice hockey, and learning about different cultures and healing techniques.  Kim got into coaching because she has always been interested in the mind-body relationship and how it contributes to one’s wellbeing.  After working hard to improve her own health and wellbeing, she wanted to help others find success too.  Her husband commonly refers to her as a health broker.

Contact Kim to learn more about coaching and how it can help you achieve the life you want.

Website and Blog:

AnitaAnita Perry

Anita is an author, educator, yogi, and blogger. Though her practice has students from all age groups,her core group is women like herself, in a certain group, going through challenges of self worth, beauty, and relevancy. She writes for her own blog, is a guest blogger and has been featured on  Life Without Limitations SummitVibrant NationAlignable.comGaragegymplanner, and Ms. Perry is the author of Yogaminute and a frequent guest wellness speaker. Ms. Perry was voted  Best Yoga and Meditation Instructor by Thumbtack, Inc. for the second year in a row and is a Top Pro.

For more information about Anita, go to or or call her at: 978-227-8297


Pamela Dussault Runtagh, Founder of Passage To Inner Joy and The Reap Healing Method, Certified Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Guidance Counselor and Mentor, Medium.  Group and Private Appointments.  Phone (978) 877-8651.

Pamela is a shamanic practitioner of both Core Shamanism and of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (TM) of cross-cultural shamanism based in the Andes. As an initiate, she provides heart-based healing using these time-honored Peruvian and Core Shamanic applications, rituals and ceremony. This type of comprehensive healing can be applied to all illnesses and problems of the body, emotion, mind, spirit and soul.

Some examples of Core Shamanic healing services which Pamela provides are:

• Power Animal Retrieval
• Soul Retrieval
• Past-Life Retrieval
• Intrusive Energy Extractions

Examples of Peruvian healing services with the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition that Pamela provides are:

• Healing the past
• Strengthening the power in the present
• Living the future

Carolyn Sargent

Carolyn is a Usui  Reiki Master

As a fitness  instructor with fibromyalgia 10 years ago, I ended up with stress fractures in both my legs. Determined to get better, after traditional medicine wasn’t helping and actually caused part of the problem, I learned about and tried every holistic practice I could come across. I loved them all!! But that is when Reiki found me.
My Reiki mentor showed up in my life and changed what I thought I knew about myself and the world around me regarding healing energy. That led me to my Reiki practice 5 years ago in my home office
and in corporate and event settings as well teaching other holistic classes and workshops. I am thrilled to be adding a few classes as well as private Reiki appointments here at Dragonfly Wellness.

To set up an appointment call Carolyn 978-870-9196
For more information website

Rev. Donna Thompson, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Evidential Medium, Energy Intuitive. Sessions are Spirit guided and integrative, drawing from different services and modalities to fit individual needs. To schedule an appointment call/leave a message at 978.772.5569 or email at




Marianne Volpe, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Marianne holds a Masters of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (MAOM) from the New England School of Acupuncture, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy certification as well as being a Reiki Master and Deeksha Giver. Marianne first started teaching workshops on visualization and relaxation techniques in the early 90’s in different areas of the country. Once she became an hypnotherapist, her focus shifted deeper into the concepts of strategies to change one’s mindset and how emotions and feelings affect experiences. Chinese medicine fully recognizes the role of the emotions and spirit as well as thought patterns in how we are in our world. As an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Marianne finds her clients are ready for a shift in their lives both physically and spiritually. For example, healing knee pain can often create an opportunity to also heal emotional beliefs and experiences. For over 25 years, Marianne has traveled to different sacred spaces from the Tibetan plateau to the Mojave desert & throughout the US, studying, experiencing & helping to facilitate awareness of our potential to grow, heal, & realize who we are. Her passion for listening & connecting with ourselves at higher levels & in our daily lives translates into leading workshops, retreats & utilizing the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are used by over 1 billion people per year and are a powerful way to help the body heal and adjust to life stress. When desired, acupuncture can be combined with hypnosis. Currently, Marianne offers online wellness programs as well as in person.
Services offered:
Acupuncture with Hypnosis (Transformative Acupuncture) “the Qi goes where the mind goes,” according to Chinese Medicine. Combining acupuncture with hypnosis deepens the relaxed state allowing an alignment between the subconscious mind with the patient’s desired outcome. An acupuncture intake and diagnosis is paired with the patient’s mental and emotional patterns to create a synergistic acupuncture and hypnosis session.
Detox acupuncture- For symptoms related to cleansing and withdrawal from caffeine, sugar, gluten and OTCs.  A very simple treatment that can lessen the common symptoms including restlessness, issues sleeping, cravings and brain fog.
Gua Sha- I have nicknamed Gua Sha a deep tissue massage on steroids. Like cupping, it releases the muscles and fasciae tissue while increasing circulation. It can increase range of motion, release tight muscles and fasciae tissue, reduce or heal trauma, and decrease healing time from a cold/flu.
Cupping- You may see images of celebrities having cupping. Cupping is a traditional method of releasing the muscles and fasciae tissue and increasing circulation. Anti-inflammatory procedure that can be used for a variety of reasons from the initial stages of cols/flus, to increasing range of motion and releasing muscle tightness.
Acupuncture Initial – $110 (90 minutes), Follow up $75 (1 hour)
Detox $40 (1/2 hour)
Transformative Acupuncture (acupuncture/hypnosis combination) – $225 initial (1.5-2 hours) $125 followup (1-1.5 hours)
Gua Sha $45 (1/2 hour) alone.
Cupping $45 (1/2 hour) alone.

I will happily provide the documentation for insurance or Flexible Spending Account reimbursement.
For appointments, contact by phone at 617-308-3907 or email at



Sarah Walker, LMT

Owner of Sarah Walker Massage

Private massage therapy appointments.

Contact (508) 735-6727 or book online at Sarah Walker Massage


LizWoodGuatLiz Wood, LMT,RYT 200

Owner of Liz Wood Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy and Private Yoga sessions.

Contact: (978) 270-3334 or book online at Liz Wood Massage Therapy

Liz has been practicing Massage since graduating from the Muscular Institute in Cambridge, MA in 2003.  She uses a variety of techniques in order to help you achieve your massage goals.  Among these techniques are Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage and Relaxation Massage.  She also enjoys practicing Pregnancy Massage.

Liz (RYT-200) received her yoga teacher training at Central Mass Yoga in Boylston, MA.  Her knowledge of the human anatomy and body mechanics, gained in over 15 years as a Massage Therapist, allows her to teach proper alignment in poses, to help students avoid injury.  Liz loves introducing yoga to newbies who may think that yoga is not for them.  She received additional training in a modality called “Curvy Yoga”, to support students of all shapes and sizes who would like to practice yoga in a non-competitive environment.  Her classes specifically promote body acceptance by helping students create a yoga practice that is right for the body they have today.   Liz uses her sense of humor to bring levity to her classes.  “Take your yoga seriously and yourself lightly”.

In addition to group classes, Liz teaches private yoga sessions for students who would like more focused attention or prefer not to practice in a group setting.